Drain Camera Inspection – How It Helps With Drain Blockages!


Diagnosing a drain blockage is always the most challenging part of actually resolving any drainage issue.

When simple methods to deal with these blockages fail, detecting the drain blockage location becomes the main concern.

Today, camera drain cleaning can make the age-old concern of finding where the blockage lies less challenging.

It is a preferred method used by plumbers to save time and provides a number of other benefits as well!

Drain Cameras Easily Detect Blockage Locations

Since the hardest part about diagnosing a drain blockage is finding it, there is no easier way to find it than with a drain camera inspection.

This technique, which utilizes a flexible tube with a camera lens on the end, makes detecting drain blockages fast and easy.

The camera is simply threaded down into the drain pipe as far as it can go until the blockage is seen.

With a visual reference and the ability to pinpoint the exact location, plumbers can devise the right plan to clear the blockage, whether it can be done from inside the pipe or requires some kind of external approach.

Camera drain clearing reduces the cost of drain clearing by making the process faster and reducing the amount of work required to reach and resolve the blockage.

Drain Camera Inspections Can Reveal Other Unknown Issues

Another benefit to doing camera drain inspections is that while diagnosing drain blockages, other existing or potential problems can be seen as well.

This camera-eye view of the inside of plumbing pipes often reveals unknown leaks, areas of corrosion or pipe damage that should be repaired, sludge coatings on the insides of drain pipes attributing to slow drainage, and much more.

Cameras used for detecting drain blockages can even be used to locate small, missing items that might possibly have fallen down the drain!

Camera Drain Inspections and Cleaning Can Reveal More

By allowing plumbing technicians to see everything going on inside plumbing pipes, drain camera inspections are more revealing of the condition of the pipes and any existing issues that should be resolved.

Camera drain cleaning is especially useful for checking the condition of sewer lines and the existence of invading tree roots that commonly cause blockages or eventually crack some sewer lines open.

Drain inspection and cleaning performed with a camera is more thorough and makes the cleaning and repair process easier as well.

Make Quick Work of Drain Problems With Cameras!

Getting to the root of a blocked drain line and actually detecting the blockage location has long been a time-consuming issue that plumbers constantly face.

Using cameras, diagnosing drain blockages is faster, easier, and less invasive than ever before.

Whether in need of camera drain cleaning to protect healthy pipes or have a blockage like tree roots or sludge coatings cleared out, drain camera inspections are the diagnostic technique that experienced plumbing services use today to get to the bottom of blockage problems.

Drain cameras make the inspection, diagnosis, and repair process more convenient, and cost-effective than any other blockage detection method!

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