How Can I Tell If My Sewer Line Is Leaking?


A collapsed or leaking sewer line is a serious drainage problem that requires prompt sewer rehab.

The question is: how does one find sewer leaks or know they have one?

There are some symptoms that can progress over time that suggest there could be a sewer leak.

Detecting sewer leaks is usually a matter of paying attention to the signs and adding them up.

1. Slow Drains

One of the first symptoms that there is a problem in a sewer line that requires some kind of sewer rehab is slow drains.

When sink, tub, and toilet drainage starts to slow down, this should be considered a first warning that something is going on.

Slow drainage commonly means there is a blockage somewhere, but it can also mean a sewer leak or worse yet, a part of an old sewer line has collapsed and blocked the passage of water through the sewer.

2. More Than Just Occasional Clogs

Everybody experiences a clogged drain or toilet once in a while.

When it starts to happen more than just occasionally, it could mean there is a sewer line problem that requires sewer rehab to get things moving again.

When clogs start happening along with the drains slowing down, this is one way to detect a sewer leak, as both symptoms correlate.

3. Bad Odors From The Drains

There is never a reason why bad odors should emanate from any drain within or outside a building.

Unpleasant odors coming from a drain suggest there is a problem down there.

If there are odors coming from more than one drain, the possibility of a sewer leak or collapse is even more possible.

Sewage, rotten, or otherwise bad smells coming from the drains should always be investigated, as these are important signs of a serious problem.

4. Sewer Backups

Sewer backups happen when there is a blockage, a collapse, or a leak is detected in the sewer line that is not just preventing the passage of material but backflowing it up the drain pipes.

This can happen when public sewers flood, but also when an old sewer line has collapsed.

Different than clogged drains, drainage backups are a serious warning sign that sewer rehab is needed and a professional sewer repair service must be called.

5. Telltale Signs In The Lawn

While the above signs might warn someone that there is a sewer problem that needs attention, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out where the problem exists in the line.

Other times, it can be very easy to find sewer leaks by looking at the lawn.

Lawns with wet spots that never fully dry out are a prime indicator that there is a broken sewer line right there.

Another sign is bright green or thick, lush grass growing in one particular spot that looks different from the rest of the lawn.

Sewer lines leaking into the soil cause grass to grow quickly and thickly from the water and waste material deposited into the soil.

Find Sewer Leaks By Following The Signs

Sewer leaks are a serious problem that must be repaired quickly.

Upon noticing these symptoms, homeowners are encouraged to call for sewer rehab without delay.

Professional sewer technicians will detect sewer leaks and damaged pipes as well as make the necessary repairs using various methods to get drainage restored and working properly once again!

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