How Do You Fix A Clay Sewer Pipe?


A common reason why many homes and buildings end up in need of sewer rehab these days is due to the now-defunct use of clay pipes in the ground.

Clay or terra cotta sewer lines have been used for modern plumbing for thousands of years and done the job fairly well during that time; however, they also succumb to breakage.

When they do break, expensive pipe repair or replacement becomes necessary.

Clay Pipes Will Decay Over the Years

Sewer pipe services repairing leaking pipes frequently find that decomposing old clay sewer lines make up many of these installations.

Affected by roots, ground shifting, and other issues, breakage is common.

Dealing with this kind of pipe repair can be messy, invasive, and rather expensive.

Fortunately, there are newer and more advanced solutions for fixing problems with old clay sewer lines. 

1. Pipe Bursting

When clay pipe is damaged and sewer rehab requires fully replacing it, pipe bursting is an effective trenchless repair method.

It is easier and less invasive than digging up the ground to lay in a new sewer line and can be done in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Pipe bursting is done by threading a bursting head into the existing clay sewer line and feeding it through, breaking up the old clay pipe as it progresses through the sewer line.

While the bursting head is being hydraulically pulled from one end of the line to the other breaking up the old pipe as it goes, it pulls in a new replacement sewer line behind it. 

2. Pipe Lining

A trenchless method used to repair leaking pipes that are still mainly intact but suffering from leaky cracks is to slide in a liner pipe.

Using the pipe lining method of sewer rehab, the existing clay sewer line is cleaned out and an epoxy-resin pipe liner is pulled through the line from one end to the other.

Once the liner is in place, it is allowed to cure and bond to the insides of the old clay sewer line.

The liner strengthens the old line and patches over any cracks and small holes, creating a new and fully functional sewer line from the old damaged one. 

3. Pipe Coating

Another trenchless pipe repair method that is suitable when the clay sewer line is still somewhat intact but leaking due to cracking is pipe coating, which is similar to pipe lining only it involves a spray-on coating.

After the sewer line is cleaned on the inside, a spray head applying an epoxy coating is fed slowly through the line.

Once the entire sewer line has been coated with the lining material and imperfections like cracks and small holes are covered up, the coating is allowed to cure and bond to the inside of the sewer line. 

Clay Sewer Pipe Repair Is Easier With Trenchless Sewer Rehab

When old clay sewer lines start cracking and leaking, trenchless sewer rehab is a preferred method for restoring the condition of these pipes without major excavating work.

Trenchless pipe repair, done using various techniques depending on the current condition of the existing sewer line, is an easier and less expensive means for quickly getting sewer lines back in shape.

Homeowners finding themselves with a need to repair leaking sewer pipes should reach out to a sewer repair service that offers trenchless pipe restoration for an outstanding and affordable option for their sewer problem!

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