How Often is A Sewer Inspection Needed?

How Often is A Sewer Inspection Needed?

Sewer lines can last, on average, anywhere from 50 years to more than a century. However, there are things that can be going on within your sewer pipes that could shorten the expected lifespan. It is then necessary to keep an eye on your sewers by way of a sewer video inspection to spot potential problems that can arise.

Pipeshield offers quick-and-easy sewer camera inspection services in Villanova, PA. Below, we go over how often you should have us check out your sewer line.

Less Often for Newer Sewer Lines

If your sewer lines are newer and you’re not experiencing any problems, a pipe camera inspection every one to two years should be fine. We say this because newer sewer pipes are often less susceptible to cracks, fractures, and other structural flaws. At the very least, you’ll be able to keep track of the condition of your sewer pipes over time.

More Frequently for Older Sewer Line Systems

Contact us about a sewer and drain inspection once or twice a year if you have older sewer lines. It’s important to be more observant with pipes that have been in place for many years because of the increased risk of issues involving tree root intrusions, buildup of pipe scale that makes sewer lines narrower over time, and joints or connecting points affected by age-related rust or corrosion.

Right Away If You’re Already Noticing Issues

We recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible if you’re already noticing signs of a sewer-related problem. Common indications of an issue warranting a closer inspection include slow-clearing drains, recurring backups or clogs especially in multiple drains, and unusually lush or soggy lawn spots that are indicative of a cracked or broken sewer pipe.

Get Results You Can See for Yourself Today

When a sewer or plumbing inspection is done by the experienced technicians at Pipeshield, you’ll be able to view the results in real time, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about any additional services that our team might suggest.

Contact Pipeshield today to have your sewer line or pipes inspected by our team.

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