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More and more municipalities and small towns around Havertown PA are requiring that homeowners if selling their home that is connected to municipal sewer systems must give proof of a closed circuit scan of drainage system plumbing as proof that their wastewater plumbing is in compliance with appropriate codes.

The firm executing that work must satisfy the standards of NASSCO or the National Association of Sewer Services Companies and the wastewater line inspection must be done by a certified NASSCO Pipeline Assessment Certification Program or PACP and the operator of that inspection must follow those directions and be certified to do such work.

Just why are these standards guidelines now being made mandatory? The EPA is aware of an increasing amount of dwellings that don't reach such codes with wastewater lines are failing and triggering problems when aquifers and rainstorm drainage permeates them that overwhelms wastewater processing operations.

So How Can Pipeshield Offer Assistance With This Problem?

Being NASSCO-certified, Pipeshield can conduct Certified Sewer Inspections in and around Havertown PA for area real estate agents to discover any wastewater lines that are not compatible with that town's statutes about non-public sewer systems.

It could as well be good to be aware that when problems are found, Pipeshield has no-dig sewer restoration options that can be completed before a home is listed with negligible upheaval of the land, which is a real advantage for the realtor and client.

Even when your township does not necessitate Certified Sewer Inspections, it is quite evidently a sound idea for a realtor to recommend that all homeowners interested in a residence ask for a wastewater line inspection by Pipeshield in Havertown PA as the cost to replace a sewer system is somewhat expensive!

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