Top Culprits Behind Sewer Damage

Top Culprits Behind Sewer Damage

Damaged sewers can stem from a few different things, ranging from human error to completely natural causes. Our trained technicians here at Pipeshield are here to help you get everything running smoothly again with the help of services we offer such as trenchless sewer repair in Villanova, PA.

In our experience, these are three of the most common causes of damaged sewer systems that necessitate the need for trenchless pipe repair.

Lack of or Improper Maintenance

You may be needing trenchless pipe lining services due to neglect. Bad practices such as flushing anything but human waste and toilet paper, pouring hot grease or other fatty deposits down the drains, or even using harsh chemical drain cleaners on a frequent basis can all cause damage to your pipes and sewer system. These small errors usually don’t become a problem unless they’re done repeatedly and in grander scales, but it’s always best to be cautious.

External Factors

There are instances where trenchless pipe replacement services are needed due to damage that are outside of your control. Your sewer system can be damaged by natural disasters like earthquakes or severe flooding. Another cause of damage to pipes is heavy construction equipment that can cause your sewer pipes to become crushed under the sheer weight. When your pipes crack due to the pressure, the wastewater won’t be able to flow properly.

Tree Root Intrusion

Mother nature can play a role in sewer damage as well, and it can happen in the form of tree root intrusions. When tree roots are in search of water and nutrients, they sometimes find what they need in the sewer lines. Roots can completely invade and clog your pipes when they find even the tiniest crack in your sewer line, leading to discolored water and low water pressure. You’ll need trenchless sewer replacement if the tree root infiltration is severe.

Sewer damage can be such a hassle to deal with. Fortunately, Pipeshield is here to address all of your sewer issues. Contact us today to schedule a sewer repair.

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