What Causes Build-up to Happen In Your Pipes?


Scale build-up on pipes is a common problem that affects water pipes, slowing them down and making them less efficient.

In the worst situations, water lines in need of pipe descaling can even become blocked and require professional attention.

Before that can happen, homeowners who learn about the causes of this buildup can try some at-home methods to descale water pipes and keep them clear.

If professional descaling is needed, these methods can prevent build-up from happening again!

What Is Scale Build-Up in Water Pipes?

The hard scale build-up coating found inside many water lines is made from naturally-occurring minerals in the water.

It collects over time, sometimes making it necessary to remove build-up on pipes when the flow of water through them becomes partially blocked.

Pipe descaling is done frequently in hard water areas where there is high calcium, magnesium, or potassium content in the water.

How Is Pipe Descaling Done?

Descaling water pipes can be done using various techniques depending on the severity of the problem.

For milder waterline or drain slowing due to scaling, homeowners can attempt to remove build-up on pipes using a chemical limescale cleaner, vinegar juice, or lemon juice.

All three of these are acids, which work by slowly decalcifying the scale so it can be washed away after treatment with a bucket of hot water.

Yet this method of pipe descaling may not be strong enough if the scale is particularly thick and has been accumulating for a long time.

In these instances, professional descaling of water pipes can be done by a plumbing specialist with the equipment to do it.

Professional sewer and water line cleaning using a boring tool that gets fed into the blocked line is usually required.

This process scrapes the scale build-up off the interior of the pipes and washes it away, leaving the pipeline free of the coating that had been constricting, slowing, or preventing the flow of water.

How Can Scale Build-Up Be Prevented?

The key to preventing scale build-up in new pipes or those that have recently undergone pipe descaling is to reduce the mineral in the water, then periodically flush pipes with acids to maintain them.

Pipes in areas known for their hard water and high mineral content can be protected in two ways, either with the installation of a hard water softening system to remove the minerals or by installing new pipes that are resistant to scale build-up.

For existing plumbing that has recently been descaled, a monthly treatment with lemon juice, white vinegar, or chemical descaler that is allowed to sit for 30 minutes and then flushed out with a bucket of hot water can help.

When used in all drains, the latter method can help keep drain and sewer lines clear, but only the former two methods can address the minerals coming into the plumbing from outside water sources.

When Water Lines Slow Down, Call A Pipe Descaling Specialist

Slow water lines experiencing blockages due to scale can be remedied by removing build-up on pipes in a number of ways; however, descaling water pipes is only one part of the solution.

To learn more about pipe descaling and how to keep descaled water and drain lines free of scale, contact a plumbing specialist who handles hard water problems to discuss the best solution!

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