What We Factor In Before Recommending Trenchless Repair

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At Pipeshield, we offer trenchless sewer repair in West Chester, PA that promptly and effectively addresses your sewer issues. Compared to traditional repair methods, trenchless solutions save you money, time, and hassle, all while getting your repairs done fast. Although trenchless solutions have incredible benefits, it’s not a one-size-fits-all quick fix. There are several factors we put into consideration before recommending trenchless repair.

Pipe Location

Finding the exact location of the pipe that needs trenchless pipe lining is another important factor we consider before recommending trenchless repairs. Compared to above ground pipes, underground pipes are subjected to more pressure, so the pipe’s location will dictate the type and thickness of the epoxy required for the repairs.

Pipe Size

Our technicians also consider the diameter of the pipe for trenchless sewer replacement and repair. Bigger-bore pipes remain susceptible to external forces, such as pressure and shifting soil, and will need thicker liners to withstand these forces over time.


Money is a critical factor that everyone has to consider, and our sewer repair team is well aware of this. Our trenchless pipe replacement and repair services are cost-effective. The hours of digging needed for traditional repair methods can often cost the homeowner additional labor costs for sewer and landscaping repairs. With our trenchless repairs, you only pay for the repair work needed, so if you’re concerned about your budget, then trenchless is the way to go.

Overall Pipe Condition

Our sewer repair team considers the condition of your pipes when making decisions regarding trenchless sewer replacement and repair. If your pipes are highly corroded or severely damaged, the structure might be weakened. Using trenchless repairs on compromised pipes might only worsen the issue. In such a case, trenchless repair may only offer a temporary solution, meaning your sewer line will require additional repairs in the near future.

Pipeshield offers trenchless pipe repair and other trenchless plumbing services at affordable rates. We’ll take our time to evaluate your sewer line and discuss the best options with you immediately. Call us today and let us help you determine if trenchless solutions are right for you.

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