Why Is Hydro Jetting A Good Treatment for Clogged Drains?


Hydro jetting is a method of clearing annoying clogged drains.

It is a technique that hydro jetting contractors use to resolve drain clogs using pressurized water s opposed to forcing a metal snake into the drain.

The technique has become very popular, with more plumbing companies offering drain jetting services since it offers numerous benefits that snaking clogged drains does not.

Hydro Jetting Is A Chemical-Free Solution

A great reason why any homeowner should choose ;hydro jetting to resolve stubborn drain clogs is that it is done using only water.

No toxic chemicals that end up in the sewer system are used to dissolve the blockage.

Instead, hydro jetting contractors use water pumped at high pressure through a variety of nozzles that penetrate, cut up, and clear away the blockages.

It is a more environmentally-friendly approach that does not introduce harsh chemicals into the soil or waterways.

Also, while chemical clog solutions might work enough to allow some flow to resume, they do not clear out the entire pipe and can even allow clogs to reform as grease and other debris just collect further down the drain line.

Drain Jetting Services More Effective Than Snaking

Another important reason why drain jetting services are more effective than traditional snaking or using chemicals to dissolve blockages is that the technique is more thorough and effective.

The pressurized water nozzles used by hydro jetting contractors are designed not only to penetrate and break up drain clogs but to also wash debris back through the line as it is being dislodged.

Contractors are able to actually remove debris at the operational end of the drain line as opposed to trying to push it forward as snaking does.

The more debris that is removed, the less likely that a new blockage will occur.

Drain jetting also removes grease, scale, and other debris inside the drain lines, leaving them clean and functional in a way that chemical treatment and snaking cannot.

Hydro Jetting Is Faster and Less Invasive

In addition to being more thorough and effective, hydro jetting can be done in minutes to hours depending on the size of the drain and the nature of the blockage.

When snaking fails, some traditional drain-clearing efforts end up requiring the digging up of drain pipes to clear them manually or to replace them.

Conversely, experienced drain jetting services can usually clear the same drains without the invasiveness of having to dig up pipes.

It is a cleaner, faster, and more cost-effective process all around and also eliminates the need to take drain lines out of service while extensive work is being done to unclog them.

Choose Hydro Jetting for Better Drain Clearing

Clogged drain lines are a nuisance at best and a costly repair bill at worst.

Drain jetting services make resolving clogged drains much easier and less expensive.

When at-home methods for clearing stubborn drain clogs fail to work, homeowners should make a call to a hydro jetting contractor before anyone else.

Hydro jetting will handle the clog and leave home drain pipes cleaner and in better condition, all at an affordable price!

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