Why is Pipe Bursting Such an Effective Strategy?


Trenchless pipe replacement is a preferred method rather than physical trenching for dealing with sewer pipe rehabilitation.

One of the ways this can be completed is using a technique called pipe bursting, which simultaneously installs new, more durable sewer lines while destroying the old ones.

Based on how sewer pipe bursting is performed, it can be a highly effective sewer rehabilitation strategy, even more so than pipe lining.

How Is Sewer Pipe Bursting Done?

Sewer pipe bursting is an advanced technique of repairing or replacing old, decomposing, and damaged sewer lines that eliminates the dig-and-replace method of sewer replacement, saving time, money, and drastically reducing the surface destruction involved.

This method of trenchless pipe replacement is performed completely underground when possible or using only a small, excavated access hole at the beginning and end of the sewer line under repair.

It is done using a specialized cabled bursting tool with a hydraulic bursting head that does all of the work.

The bursting tool, which slides inside the existing, damaged pipe, expands as it moves, bursting the old pipe from the inside out.

As it progresses along through the old pipe following a cable destroying as it goes, the bursting head pulls a new pipe behind it.

Using this method, the old destroyed pipe remains in the soil, no extraction is necessary, and the new pipe is connected into the sewer line for use.

Pipe Bursting - A Trenchless Pipe Replacement Solution

Sewer pipe bursting can be a better choice for many applications for two main reasons.

Primarily, it is a better trenchless pipe replacement solution because it breaks up the old pipe, making room for a new pipe that is the same size or even larger than the existing line, as opposed to actually losing some diameter using the pipe lining method.

Upsizing to accommodate increased sewer volume can be done without the need for extensive construction.

Secondly, in some applications pipe bursting can truly be done completely underground without any excavation when there are existing access points at the start and end of the sewer line.

Are There Limitations To The Pipe Bursting Technique?

Though it is useful for most sewer line repairs, the two limitations to using a sewer pipe bursting strategy are unsuitable soil conditions or bends in the sewer line.

As the bursting head breaking up the old pipe causes outward expansion of the soil, that soil must be compactable enough to allow this shifting without causing ground heaving or preventing the new pipe from passing through.

Additionally, this technique is only useful for straight pulls to replace straight lines of sewer pipe.

In both of these cases, there are other trenchless methods that can work.

Pipe Bursting - Better Sewer Solution Than Standard Trenching

Sewer line replacement is destructive, costly, and time-consuming while sewer pipe bursting is a viable solution that can be more effective in many instances.

This trenchless pipe replacement method installs same-size or up-sized sewer lines without the invasiveness of the dig-and-replace method, making it a preferred technique where applicable.

With a number of additional benefits over pipe lining, hydraulic pipe bursting can solve a number of sewer problems without the need to destroy the ground surface or break up concrete!

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