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Integrity Environmental Services For Design-Build Project in Villanova, PA, and Nearby Areas

Integrity Environmental Services

Pipeshield is proud to be partners with Integrity Environmental Services, LLC. We mostly handle residential drain services and trenchless sewer repair. Should you have large design-build projects in mind, our sister company is ready to lend a hand. You will get the same outstanding and reliable service without the hassle of researching on your own.

Integrity Environmental Services can work on your design-build project in Villanova, PA, and nearby areas by customizing the work in a way that minimizes the impact on the landscape and other surfaces. They have an expert team that does work similar to what we do – except on a larger scale.

About the Design-Build Process

This simply refers to work involving larger-scale projects that run along miles of the street or under roadways. If a pipe bursts under a street and it turns out that the entire line needs to be replaced, the process would involve determining how to fully access the affected line in a way that's not going to severely disrupt things above. A seamless design-build process involves:

  • Expertly assessing the situation
  • Recommending appropriate solutions
  • Coming fully prepared, complete with the right equipment
  • Putting together a plan that will not cause much disruption above ground
  • Conducting complete clean-up when everything is done

This service is important because it requires a process the offers sensible solutions. The Integrity Environmental Services team is prepared to size up any situation where large-scale work needs to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible. This expertise is also important because it can ultimately be good for your bottom line and, in some cases, anybody who lives or works near the affected area.

Benefit from the Process and Our Teams

When a design-build project is done right, the results can be cost-effective and delivered in a way that's well-organized. The careful planning involved also means you won't have to wait months for the work to be completed. In addition, the attention that goes into keeping disruptions in check often means no need for road closed signs and the ensuing traffic nightmares that can occur with delays and detours.

Quality is always a top priority at Pipeshield and Integrity Environmental Services. Our respective teams ensure top-notch service from start to finish. This commitment assures you of fair, honest pricing, attention to every detail, and access to innovative, minimally disruptive solutions, especially when you need the Pipeshield team for:

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Whether you need routine drain cleaning services or you have a more involved project in mind with unique requirements, Pipeshield, and our sister company, Integrity Environmental Services are ready to help. Contact our trusted trenchless company by calling us or filling out the online form. Pipeshield serves clients in:

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