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When it comes to pipe rehabilitation or drain cleaning solutions, be sure to count on a trenchless professional from Pipeshield. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality services and reliable results for residential customers throughout the local area. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

Professional Trenchless Sewer Repair

As long as your sewer line is stable, you may benefit from trenchless sewer repair. It is an approach to pipe rehabilitation we offer that restores pipes internally. The most common way we do this is with a process known as pipe lining. We start off by inserting an inflatable and removable liner inside of the existing pipe. A coating is then applied to create a like-new surface that restores normal flow.

Minor cracks, loose or damaged pipe joints, and damage from tree roots are the most common issues that can be addressed with trenchless sewer repair. Some of the benefits associated with this approach to sewer repair include:

  • No major disruption to your landscape or other surfaces
  • Less time involved with repair work since there's no digging
  • A more budget-friendly option since trenchless repair is less labor-intensive

Trenchless sewer repair can also save you money by breathing new life into your existing sewer lines. You'll be less likely to need costly repairs once your sewer line has been restored.

Top-Notch Drain Cleaning Services

Our approach to drain cleaning is based on what's going on within pipes and the extent of the issues involved. In some cases, drain snaking may be all that's needed to clean drain lines.

Other times, however, hydro jetting may be the better option. This is a process characterized by blasting pressurized water into pipes in a way that's safe and carefully controlled. It's a powerful pipe cleaning method that breaks up and pushes down debris and tree roots. Sediment and scale from pipe walls can also be removed effectively with hydro-jetting.

We recommend contacting us about drain cleaning if you are noticing slow drains, recurring backups or clogs, as well as foul drain odors. Drains can be affected by everything from grease and debris to tree roots and scale buildup. As for the benefits of drain cleaning, the main one is having a drain that's functioning as intended. When cleanings are done on a regular basis, you will likely benefit from fewer issues with clogs and other common drain problems.

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Pipeshield’s drain cleaning and trenchless sewer repair services allow clients to enjoy fair, upfront prices and prompt, attentive service. As we have an extensive network of quality partners throughout the East Coast and the rest of the United States, you'll have access to innovative, top-quality solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Pipeshield. Regardless of why you're in need of a trusted drain cleaning or trenchless company in Havertown, PA, you can expect the level of service you deserve from start to finish.

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