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Minerals, rust, and other substances gather within the inside walls of pipes over time. Once this happens, the resulting buildup is called "scale." At Pipeshield, we make sure to remedy this problem by offering reliable and affordable pipe descaling services. Our team recommends these services as a response to signs of a drain/pipe issue or as a preemptive strike to prevent future problems with drains or other pipes.

What is Pipe Descaling?

Sewer pipe descaling is the process of removing accumulated materials from interior pipe surfaces collectively referred to as scale. This is also a cleaning method that can remove small roots that sometimes get into pipes as long as the pipe itself is not damaged. It is ultimately an important and beneficial cleaning procedure that helps maintain full flow in affected pipes.

With pipe descaling in Villanova, PA, and the surrounding areas, there are typically two methods. One option is to use abrasive tools or materials to safely and effectively scrub away minerals and other deposits. The method we use will depend on the extent of the scale buildup.

Common Issues We Address

Descaling cast iron sewer pipe is common since these pipes are coated with iron oxide, calcium, and magnesium – all materials that tend to produce uneven layers of rust and mineral deposits. Other issues that may be addressed with descaling include constantly backed-up drains, slow drains, as well as low water pressure

Benefits of Pipe Descaling

Modern pipe descaling is safe for pipes yet still effective. It is also a non-invasive way of clearing pipes to reduce the need for costly repairs later. Additionally, a pipe descaler from our team can help extend the life of your pipes. This is especially true for older cast iron pipes that can be affected by corrosion and scale buildup.

Improving drainage and water flow can also be beneficial by making sure that you are getting full flow in your pipes at all times. This means you will likely have fewer issues with slow or clogged drains. What's more, descaling can be combined with other proactive drain cleaning options we offer, such as hydro jetting. We serve clients in:

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