Unintentional Damage to Drains

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As an expert in drain cleaning in Villanova, PA, our team regularly services drains whose issues can usually be prevented, avoided, or minimized. While homeowners aren’t expected to know everything about their drains, preventing drain issues from happening begins by understanding how you can unintentionally cause the damage firsthand. Our team of experts here at Pipeshield outline the major ways you unknowingly damage your drains.

Ignoring Mineral Buildup

When minerals found in hard water combine with soap chemicals, they form a limescale layer inside the pipes, which causes clogs. A water softener can help you lower the mineral concentration, or you may contact our reputable drain cleaning company for descaling services.

Letting Hair Accumulate in the Drains

Hair is a primary culprit for a clogged drain. When in the shower, hair strands make their way down the drain. Once in the drain, hair can quickly accumulate, forming chunks that get stuck inside the pipes. We offer drain cleaning services that can effectively remove hair buildup from your drains, but you can also invest in inexpensive drain hair catchers for your tub or shower.

Improperly Disposing of Food Scraps

Food leftovers can find their way down your kitchen drain. These food scraps, along with grease and fat, solidify and form clogs that interfere with the water flow. Drain snaking can help remove stubborn clogs of this nature.

Flushing Random Items

If it’s not human waste, it’s not meant to go down the toilet. Even items marketed as “flushable” should not be flushed to avoid dealing with a clogged drain.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners usually contain harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. They might be able to take care of clogs, but they will also corrode your drain fixtures. Your best bet would be to rely on professional drain service.

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