What We Look For During Sewer Inspections

What We Look For During Sewer Inspections

Since it’s tucked away behind walls, it’s fairly easy to forget that plumbing systems are crucial to a wide variety of household activities, such as washing dishes and clothes. Similarly, drainage systems also tend to be overlooked. That is until there is something wrong that warrants plumbing inspection and repairs.

If there is indeed a problem with your sewer system, it’s challenging to know for sure since the pipes are underground away from sight. This is where sewer camera inspections come in handy. Pipeshield, Inc. offers sewer camera inspection services in West Chester, PA that can help detect the existing and potential problems that your sewer system might have.

The common issues that a sewer or drain inspection can detect are as follows:


Since leaks are one of the most common pipe issues, they’re the first things we check for during a pipe camera inspection. Even leaks that are caused by seemingly minor cracks can turn into a significant problem if it is not taken care of right away. The resulting water damage will not only corrode your pipes but will also affect your property, particularly your flooring.


Just like leaks, clogs are prevalent in sewer systems. A sewer video inspection can help pinpoint the location and the nature of what’s blocking your pipes. From there, our technicians can determine the best method of clog removal. For instance, if a tree root infiltration is what’s causing the clog, the best way to deal with it is through hydro jetting.

Collapsed Pipe

When pipe-related issues start cropping up, knowing the root cause is crucial. If the problems are due to aging or corroded pipes, the possibility of those pipes collapsing increases the longer you wait to have them fixed. Inspections can check the condition of a pipe and determine if they need to be replaced or not.

It’s essential to have routine inspections for your drainage systems to monitor whether further repairs or a simple maintenance plan is necessary. Contact Pipeshield, Inc. today to schedule a sewer inspection.

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