Why We Recommend Sewer Inspections During Fall

Why We Recommend Sewer Inspections During Fall

Sewer inspections during the fall are crucial as it helps identify the sewer challenges as the cold season sets in. The cold season poses unique challenges to the sewer lines. Hence, it is wise to inspect the sewer lines during this time. 

In this blog, we’ll explore why now is an ideal time to schedule sewer camera inspection services in Villanova, PA from Pipeshield.

Common Sewer Problems In the Subsequent Months

Fall is the best time to conduct a drain inspection because it comes before the first snow drops, which is an enemy of sewer and drainage systems. Once the colder months have fully set in, your sewer pipes will be more susceptible to freezing and other related issues.

Moreover, once winter starts, it will be more challenging to secure a slot for a plumbing inspection, as many others are likely experiencing the same sewer issues as you are. While we try to respond and provide our services to as many homeowners as we can, there are instances where the volume can make it challenging for our technicians to attend to you.

Favorable Climate

The crisp weather conditions typically brought on by fall is conducive for a pipe camera inspection. This is because when winter sets in, the cold temperature could worsen certain sewer problems.

Plumbing fixtures that are adversely affected by the cold temperatures in the winter include the hose bib, sump pump, and taps. It is therefore recommended you schedule a plumbing inspection before the onset of the freezing temperatures.

Start of the Holiday Festivities

As the temperatures drop, it signals the beginning of the holiday season. While these celebrations are full of cheer, these get-togethers can pose a significant threat to your sewer and drainage lines for several reasons. There tends to be a lot of cooking during holidays, producing a higher than usual amount of food waste to dispose of. The improper disposal of food refuse at this time of the year will likely result in clogging of the kitchen pipes. We recommend that a sewer video inspection be conducted so that your sewer pipes and sink pipes can be repaired before winter.

Pipeshield offers sewer inspections all year round. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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